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9Anime Media - Watch English Anime Online - 9Anime.Media
9Anime Media - Watch English Anime Online - 9Anime.Media

9Anime has acquired tremendous fame and trust due to its assorted video streaming facility, particularly anime. It has progressively turned into the favored objective for anime lovers. 

The Official 9Anime.media Website

The genuine 9Anime site which filled in prevalence was 9Anime.com. It gave great English dubbed and subbed anime at 9Anime without charging any expense or enlistment from clients. Notwithstanding, the site is confronting a few issues and as of now is not working. The explanation was server downtime due to countless users simultaneously. The site maintenance was consistently a challenge and due to visit refreshes the site was at last shut. In any case, this is not the finish of 9Anime. Host-dot.com additionally discusses such destinations as Masterani, 9Anime, m4ufree, and numerous others to give the crowd a perspective regarding what thing is working for individuals and what they need to utilize.

There are a few other 9Anime sites with comparative usefulness and UI similar to 9Anime.com. All in all, in case you are asking yourself which 9Anime site is genuine and protected to utilize? 

A portion of the comparable sites without a doubt give great facilities; anyway, they do not guarantee user data security and their privacy. Individuals wind up downloading undesirable documents from these sites which could ultimately harm their devices. 

Presently you may be pondering, which ought to be the best 9Anime choice to go for.

All things considered, this blog is meant to assist you with the trip by helping with perceiving the genuine 9Anime webpage you could utilize. 

Some Common 9Anime.media Mirror Websites

To take the name and traffic of 9Anime, many individuals made domains. The absolute most common mirror sites of 9 Anime are: 

9Anime.to:This is considered as the best option to 9Anime.com. You can discover comparative content and interface. 

9Anime.vip: This site gives comparative content as 9Anime.com. Anyway, client security is as yet an issue. 

9Anime.tv: This site will ultimately divert you to 9Anime.to 

9Anime.cool: 9Anime.cool has an interface entirely different than different sites. Notwithstanding, there is no alternative to watch recordings online as of now. It just gives information about a show, its cast, and has a trailer of the show. 

They may be reflected destinations of 9Anime.com, however, some of them give similar facilities as the genuine site. 

The Best Working 9Anime Website

9Anime.media is the best alternative site of 9Anime. Different domains like 9Anime nl, 9Anime.tv, and 9Anime.ru are not appropriate. This was affirmed by the 9Anime authority twitter handle in one of their tweets. 

The tweet said that those websites with .xyz, .vip, or .cool are fake and were trying to steal their brand. Besides, you can likewise check the details of this load of sites. 

You will discover 9Anime.media with the best Alexa rank (2383) and domain authority. 

Twitter is the most ideal approach to affirm because there are other a few fake accounts of 9Anime on Reddit which can direct you to some unacceptable site. You can bookmark the authority site, because looking for 9Anime will not divert you to the authority site without fail. 

Why to use the 9Anime.media ?

The primary concern that makes the genuine 9Anime site generally best among individuals is the security of the clients. 9Anime.media guarantees it the same as 9Anime.com. In addition, there are a couple of promotions on this site than on the other mirror destinations. The substance here is suitable and masterminded appropriately. What's more, the UI is extremely basic and enhanced appropriately. 

The video joins from the authority websites can be utilized to download any video because the vast majority of the downloading platforms permit video downloading from the true 9Anime site. You can utilize a site like 9xbuddy or tube offline to download the videos. 

Why to Avoid Using Other 9Anime Websites?

Mirror sites do not give any security to the client's information. Additionally, they will request a few authorizations to admittance to their substance. You will be worn out on a few springs up pages that are bothering you. Some of them will not permit you to watch videos until you join their site. 

Moreover, they have a few promotions which divert you to undesirable sites. You can not download videos utilizing these destinations URL because a large portion of the sites do not permit downloading content from these sites and are simply mean to make a profit through promotions. 

Two Ways to Watch Anime Without Ads

You do not need to hold on to consistent pop-ups and advertisements when watching anime any longer. Here are two different ways to watch anime without promotions or dubious things. 

While there is an enormous number of anime sites with huge assets on the Internet, the majority of the platforms are continually abounding with pop-ups, inserted advertisements, and diverted because of the way that many free anime streaming sites need to bring in cash from promoting to run their servers. Notwithstanding, prominent promoting content can be diverting and surprisingly scary. To dispose of promotions when watching anime, you can utilize advertisement blocker tools, or straightforwardly download episodes to your device for playing offline at one go. Coming up next is about point by point ideas for every strategy. 

Method One. Make Use of Adblock Extensions

Advertisement blocker is a productive way utilized by the vast majority to debilitate promotions on anime sites. You can go to the web store of the program you are utilizing to download an extension and we likewise gather together some all around acknowledged decisions for your reference. 

  • AdBlock: Support cross-platforms (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, iOS, Android), productively obstruct pop, banner, video advertisements, and that is just the beginning. Its customization alternatives likewise assist you with separating or whitelist sites and advertisements. 
  • Adblock Plus: The extension is no chance pertinent to AdBlock except for another famous and various platform promotion blocker extension material for every mainstream browser and device. It permits non-prominent advertisements as a matter of course to help sites and there is a scope of filters and options accessible.  
  • AdGuard: AdGuard items include both independent programming and expansion for promotion obstructing. Its application is viable with Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and the program expansion chips away at most winning programs. AdGuard functions admirably to hinder any type of advertisements and assists you with surfing on the Internet all the more securely. 

Method Two. Download Anime for Watching with No Ads

Many free anime sites permit clients to download anime. In the wake of saving anime recordings on gadgets, you can watch them disconnected without impedance from advertisements. 

As you probably know, 9Anime does not have any media files, yet associations with different specialists for a single episode. So it gives anime lovers different choices to stream the episode shows in case of temperamental laborer or slow buffering, and even you can get a shock along these lines. 

You probably will not have seen that when you change to the "Vidstream" decision in the server list, there will be a download decision in the base right corner of the player. Snap on this image and you will be redirected to the Vidstream download page. Just hit the "DOWNLOAD" catch to save 9Anime to MP4 video. 

In case you disregard downloading your main anime clearly, an untouchable video downloader would be a fair methodology and we recommend that you endeavor Video Download Helper or WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory. 

1. Video Download Helper

Video DownloadHelper is open on Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, a by and large invited browser extension to sniff and download videos from the web. Present it from the official website: http://www.downloadhelper.net/install.

After the installation, go to play your main show on 9Anime. Right when it starts playing, the Video DownloadHelper icon will become excellent. Snap the icon and select one choice to download 9Anime to MP4.

2. WonderFox Free HD Video Converter Factory

It is a straightforward and flexible video downloader and converter for Windows, being equipped for downloading recordings from YouTube and other 300 sites. Here is the step by step instruction.

Before the beginning, you need to download and install the software on your PC. 

  • Open Free HD Video Converter Factory, then go to "Downloader". 
  • Snap “New Download” button on the new window. 
  • Go to 9Anime, open the anime episode you need to download, and duplicate its video address. 
  • Click the “Paste and Analyze” button. The examination cycle will be set off and completed soon. You will see a rundown of arrangement and goal alternatives under the “Download Video” area. Choose what you like to download. You are ready to add more than more download assignments through the means above. 
  • Snap “OK” at the lower part of the Downloader window to assign the yield way, and at last, click “Download All”. 

It is how you can watch anime without promotions on the web and disconnected. Ideally, you can track down this valuable after going through it. 

Is 9Anime Down?

The rise of free anime sites on the Internet makes it undeniably more advantageous to watch anime, and 9Anime is positioned among the top alternatives in the field. While highlighting an enormous library and quality streams, similar to any remaining free anime streaming sites, 9Anime might neglect to work in certain occurrences. How to tackle 9Anime not functioning? Here is a rundown of viable arrangements. 

The 9Anime, not working issues can be accused on different causes, for example, 9Anime is briefly closed down for upkeep, 9Anime workers are over-burden, some contrary applications or augmentations have obstructed 9Anime, you are getting to area confined substance on 9Anime, and so on A portion of the 9Anime issues can be effectively settled through basic activities while some happen with no fixes so you need to hang tight for the authority updates or cures. Because of normal 9Anime, not working mistakes, we have summed up relating investigating techniques. You can attempt them consistently until you track down the specific reason for your case. 

All the more significantly, kindly ensure you are utilizing the genuine 9Anime sites to dispose of any possible dangers and issues. Look at one more post with regards to which is the genuine 9Anime. 

Methods to Fix the Not Working 9Anime

1. Check the Server Status and Switch to a Valid Server or Wait for It to be Up 

9Anime components successive site support to work on its viability and improve the site client experience. At the point when it is going through changes and updates, the workers and surprisingly the entire site would be down or up arbitrarily, which might keep going for quite a while in light of the changes. Typically, you will get a message like “we are keeping up with our framework, if it is not too much trouble, attempt again a couple of hours after the fact", or 520 blunders. Moreover, there ought to be numerous comparable reports about the 9Anime blunders on the official 9Anime subreddit or Twitter page simultaneously. In such cases, you need to hang tight until 9Anime brings typical back. 

Notwithstanding site support, on the off chance that you infrequently run into mistakes when utilizing explicit workers to play an anime scene, you might change to different workers individually until you track down the substantial worker since certain workers recorded by 9Anime might be broken and have not yet been fixed. 

2. Disable Ad Blockers on Your Browser

On the off chance that you have promotion blockers introduced on your program, they likely square some substance at 9Anime or cause more different issues. One normal 9Anime blunder brought about by stomach muscle blocker is 9Anime will not show scenes. Henceforth, you might wind down the advertisement blockers on your program to look at whether the 9Anime blunder disappears. Essentially, antivirus programming may likewise be the main driver of the mistake. 

3. Switch to Google Chrome, FireFox, or Other Popular Browsers 

9Anime has rigorously impeded solicitations from informal applications and augmentations. In this manner, in case you are utilizing a non-program application to snatch and watch anime from 9Anime and experience any semblance of 9Anime not stacking or 9Anime will not play, change to a typical internet browser to proceed with your anime venture. 

4. Clear Cookies and Cache of Your Browser

At the point when the treats and store on your program get over-burden, video web based blunders like lethargic stacking, buffering, slacking, or faltering occurs. Clearing treats and store is a typical arrangement when you find that recordings will not play on the Internet, which is additionally applicable to the instances of 9Anime not working. It is important that in the wake of clearing treats, it might trigger the 9Anime Firewall boycott when you invigorate 9Anime pages sometime later. You would do well to close 9Anime page tabs before cleaning these documents and restart your program after the information erasure. 

5. Restart Your Browser and Refresh the 9Anime Pages 

Numerous 9Anime clients have revealed the 502 Bad Gateway mistake. To handle this blunder, a demonstrated basic technique is to invigorate the pages. If the mistake remains, you can likewise make a reference to technique 7 in the accompanying part, or simply sit tight for it to return to ordinary as we do in strategy 1. 

6. Stream Anime with a Fast Internet Connection 

9Anime backings stream changing from 480P to 1080P dependent on various workers. When streaming a scene at predominant quality, which requires more transmission capacity, you would do well to get yourself a quicker web association with dispose of slow buffering or stacking. 

7. Try Other 9Anime Mirrors 

9Anime is obstructed by some ISPs. Thus, if you meet 9Anime errors for this situation, you can try one more 9Anime URLs to see whether there is an accessible 9Anime link in your area. 

Here is a rundown of exceptional authority 9Anime URLs: 

  • 9Anime.media
  • 9Anime.pw
  • 9Anime.at
  • 9Anime.video
  • 9Anime.page
  • 9Anime.life
  • 9Anime.live
  • 9Anime.one
  • 9Anime.love
  • 9Anime.app

8. Change your DNS Settings

Following are the instructions to change your DNS Settings, with utilizing Google's DNS and Windows 10. 

  1. Snap on the Start menu, then, at that point look for Control Panel and open it.
  2. Go to Network and Internet, then, at that point Network and Sharing Center, then, at that point Change Adapter Settings 
  3. Right snap on either your Wi-Fi or Ethernet (whichever one you are associated with), then, at that point click Properties 
  4. Select Internet Protocol Version 4
  5. Snap Properties, then, at that point Use The Following DNS Server Addresses 
  6. Info both of the addresses underneath (qualities should coordinate precisely what is shown or it will not work) 
  7. Snap OK, then, at that point do likewise for IPv6
  • IPv4:
    • Google DNS: and
    • Cloudflare: and
  • IPv6:
    • Google DNS: 2001:4860:4860::8888 and 2001:4860:4860::8844
    • Cloudflare: 2606:4700:4700::1111 and 2606:4700:4700::1001

For MacOS devices:

  1. Dispatch System Preferences, then, at that point go to Network
  2. Snap on either Wi-Fi or Ethernet (whichever one you are associated with), then, at that point click Advanced 
  3. Snap the DNS tab, then, at that point click the + button
  4. Information similar location as the ones displayed above (both IPv4 and 6), ensuring the qualities match precisely as what is displayed previously. 
  5. Snap the OK catch, then, at that point Apply 

For iOS/Android devices:

  1. Go to https://cloudflare-dns.com/ and click the download button for iOS or Android.
  2. Install the the application, then, at that point finish the means to empower it. 

From that point forward, have a go at running a DNS spill test (standard test). This will show you what DNS workers you are utilizing. 

If you see your ISP (individuals who give your web) recorded, something did not work with your settings. Twofold check your settings to ensure they are right (both IPv4 and 6). In case they are, attempt to clear your DNS reserve (framework and program) and yet again test.

  • Internet Explorer 8 and above (Windows): Go to the History menu, select Delete Browsing History, check all containers (aside from passwords, whenever wanted), and click Delete.
  • Mozilla Firefox (Windows): Click on Firefox at the upper left of your program, go to the History menu, select Clear Recent History and check all cases. Under Time reach to clear choose Everything (aside from passwords, whenever wanted) and click Clear Now. 
  • Apple Safari (Mac): Open the Cog Icon in the upper right corner and select Reset Safari. Check all containers and snap Reset. 
  • Apple Safari (Windows): Go to the Safari menu, select Reset Safari, check all cases and snap Reset. 
  • Google Chrome (Windows): Expand the Wrench Icon in the upper right corner and select History and check all cases. Under Clear information for this time frame, select Everything(except passwords, whenever wanted) and click Clear Browsing Data. 
  • Google Chrome (Mac): Under Go to the Chrome menu, select Clear Browsing Data, and check all cases (except for passwords, whenever wanted). Under Clear information for this time frame, select Everything and snap Clear Browsing Data. 

On the off chance that it shows Google (or whatever DNS worker you are utilizing, as, it is great to utilize then, at that point. 

Final Thoughts:

Utilizing sites other than 9Anime.media is not proposed by us. Attempt to stay away from them for client security. Utilizing different sites will infuse your gadget with undesirable documents which can hurt your gadget and make information break. Try to utilize 9Anime.media just for partaking in your number one shows alongside client security. That is all we have with which 9Anime is genuine to utilize. 

There are diverse 9Anime, not working issues brought about by various components. We drill down 8 techniques to assist you with fixing the issues above. 


Information given in this post is for general enlightening purposes as it were. We are not the slightest bit teamed up or subsidiary with outsider sites, and will not ever advocate any copyright encroachment activity. The end clients ought to be exclusively answerable for your practices.