Anime Like Beast Tamer

Rein is a member of the Hero’s Party and a beast tamer. He serves more as their errand boy because beast taming is a pretty weak form of magic, though. When they finally let him go and leave him stranded, everything changes. After being expelled from the gathering, he meets and tames a female who belongs to one of the most powerful kinds of beast people. The Hero’s Party starts to understand that Rein’s assistance was the sole reason for their prior success as they grow into magnificent adventures together.

Genzo from Kemono Michi together with his harem of kemonomimi

Hataage! Kemono Michi

Professional wrestler Shibata Genzo also loves animals. He is one day called by a princess to another realm. She makes the error of requesting that he purge her kingdom of these wicked creatures. Genzo instead suplexes her and leaves to open a store selling monster pets.

While Kemono Michi is the comedy-focused isekai, Beast Tamer has a somewhat similar focus. The heroes in both tales are animal lovers, and their love of animals also binds them to the various beast people who will make up their harem. However, Rein has powerful beast taming magic whereas Genzo is strong as a wrestler and only decent with animals.

Yuuji from the My Isekai life anime casting magic

My Isekai Life: I Gained a Second Character Class and Became the Strongest Sage in the World

Yuuji Sano used to work in an office, but one day as he was wrapping up, he was transported to another planet. There, he learns that his class in this other planet is a Monster Tamer, which is not the best for someone who wants to make a living as an adventurer. But following a run-in with some slimes, he obtains the second class of Sage, which gives him access to powerful magic as well.

The worlds in both series view monster tamers as a relatively weak class for adventuring. Both series are about monster tamers. However, whereas Rein in Beast Tamer makes the most of his abilities, Yuuji is given real, powerful magic to use in My Isekai Life.

Ryouma from the By the Grace of the Gods anime giving commands to his slimes

By The Grace of the Gods

Ryouma Takebayashi, who lived a horrible existence, dies at the age of 39. He is reincarnated into a magical fantasy realm by three goddesses who, out of compassion for him, urge him to enjoy life and that they will always look out for him. He makes the most of his newfound existence by learning magic, gathering a slime army, and studying slimes, but he longs for people. Ryouma’s new world becomes accessible to him once he is convinced to travel with a group of people.

Both series feature central characters who devote their efforts to taming monsters in a somewhat low-key, laid-back adventure style. By the Grace of the Gods, however, is entirely dedicated to slimes.

Kelvin from the Black Summoner anime casting magic

Black Summoner

The Goddess of Reincarnation is tasked with reincarnating a man who died in an accident. He wins the rare class of summoner in this afterlife and is able to hire the goddess as a summon in return for memories of his previous existence. Now trapped in a fantasy setting as Kelvin, he conceals his ultra-rare class to keep his freedom so that he can go on exciting adventures and make deals with formidable enemies.

If not a tamer of monsters, what is a summoner who acquires new summons by killing or making deals with creatures? Both series have strong leads that have the capacity to tame powerful beasts and use them as allies in battle.

Rit and Red from the Banished from the hero's party anime walking down the street

Banished From The Hero’s Party, I Decided To Live A Quiet Life In The Countryside

Red previously belonged to a team of heroes that sought to eliminate the Demon Lord Taraxon. Red was initially quite strong, but his allies quickly outperformed him and forced him out of the party. He relocates to the country in search of a more relaxed lifestyle and with the intention of opening an apothecary. A former adventurer named Rit approaches him about moving in with him, making his efforts to conceal his past as an explorer more challenging.

The heroes in both stories are shown as being incredibly ineffective. They consequently made the decision to forge their own path in life after being expelled from the Hero’s party.

Leo and the Demon Queen from the I'm Quitting Heroing anime working together

I’m Quitting Heroing

Leo discovers that there is no place for a mighty hero in a world at peace after utilizing all of his immense power to save the planet. He looks for a job in the Demon King’s Army, which he destroyed and needs to be rebuilt, as he is too powerful to stay in human realms. Leo’s power is limitless, yet despite the army’s numerous issues, he discovers that the demon king has nicer goals for taking over the world than he had anticipated.

The main character of I’m Quitting Heroing was expelled from human society for being too strong, yet he was not expelled from the party. He joins the adversary he just destroyed as an outcast.

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