Anime Like Play It Cool Guys

Despite having varied personalities, the four males, who are all in different stages of young adulthood, have one thing in common: they are all clumsy. All four lads are naturally clumsy, but they frequently conceal their missteps with graceful recoveries to maintain the air of confidence they have built up around themselves.


You and Me

Four high school students see school as nothing more than boring classes, fights, and orientations that always get in the way of their future jobs. But after discovering that the appropriate friends can make things more enjoyable, they try to liven up their dreary school days.

Guys, You and Me comes the closest to being an anime series like Play It Cool, albeit there are none just like it. Both shows don’t have overarching stories; instead, they concentrate on the day-to-day activities of a group of gorgeous males who are still very much in their adolescent years. While You and Me dabbles in a variety of genres, including humor and romance, Play It Cool, Guys frequently leans more towards comedy.

Rainbow Days

On Christmas Eve, Natsuki’s girlfriend abruptly breaks up with him, and he sobs in the middle of the street. But when a young woman dressed as Santa Claus hands him tissues, he falls for her right away. His buddies try to support him while he pursues this girl, but their interference makes things much more challenging for the two of them.

Rainbow Days is entirely focused on the love lives of four attractive males, whereas Play It Cool, Guys never ventures into romance. The awkwardness of the characters is what ties these two programs together. Although Rainbow Days adheres a little more closely to character archetypes, the young characters still make mistakes as they should. Just not to the same level of comedic absurdity as Play It Cool, Guys.

Bocchi the Rock

Hitori Gotou began learning the guitar to entice people into conversation despite her social anxieties and desire to make friends. She has developed excellent guitar talents over the years, but she is still a high school student without any friends. She meets a vivacious girl one day who just so happens to need a guitarist for her band. Hitori, who is given the stage name Bocchi, is brought on board and dedicates herself to honing her performance abilities to help the band succeed.

Socially awkward cute anime heroines are a growing trend, but Bocchi the Rock stands out and is frequently preferred over other series about them because of how relatable it is.

Yotsuiro Biyori

A Japanese-style cafĂ© called Rokuhoudou is what Kyousui Tougoku’s grandpa left him. The cafe’s staff does all possible to deliver service that will transform one-time guests into regulars. However, when the cafe becomes an overnight sensation, nice days quickly transform into tumultuous ones.

In both series, there are attractive men who are more awkward than they appear to be. Yotsuiro Biyori writes the guys all up in a cafe to keep their shenanigans more focused while Play It Cool has the guys just going about their daily lives. In any case, the joy here is the awkward comedy in both shows.

Sanrio Boys

Kouta Hasegawa is a typical high school student who enjoys his Pompompurin plush animal, which his grandmother gave him when he was a child and is based on a Golden Retriever. He was humiliated by them, though, and felt ashamed of them. All of that alters when he meets other guys who enjoy Sanrio characters.

Both are anime programs with a minimal plot that focus on the interests and daily lives of attractive young men. Due to gender preconceptions, Sanrio Boys, a show about boys who appreciate cute plush toys, occasionally veers into trouble. Both shows have young males who appear to be immaculate, ideal men, but who are portrayed as more dynamic personalities than the typical cliches of gorgeous men in anime.

Gakuen Babysitters

Teenage Ryuuchi takes on the responsibility of looking after his younger brother Kotarou after his parents pass away. They receive housing and board in exchange for him taking on the function of the school’s babysitter, which was created to support the female teachers, after meeting the head of an elite academy at the funeral for his parents.

Play It Cool and Gakuen Babysitters have intrinsically distinct content, but they both share a penchant for creating beautiful males who are pretty wholesome. They connect with young children in Gakuen Babysitters, while Play It Cool is wholesome with its relatable embarrassing situations. Both of these are excellent programs to watch to relax.

Sasaki and Miyano

Miyano spends a lot of his time at his all-boys school hiding his secret love of boy’s love comics and fretting about how girly his face appears. However, after seeing a brawl, he meets in secret with Sasaki, an older troubled student. After that, Sasaki appears to seize every chance to be near Miyano.

Sasaki and Miyano is a boy’s love story series, to be clear. It is a part of the more recent phase of boy’s love, though, when the protagonists behave more like regular people than horny animals. Having said that, Play It Cool misses the romantic moments that Sasaki and Miyano strive for as the plot develops.

Rainy Cocoa

A small cafe called Rainy Color is well-known for its hot chocolate. There, Aoi works as a server, and the locals adore him for his attractive but feminine appearance. Aoi is dragged into two college students’ more intriguing lives when they begin to visit the Rainy Color.

Both series have brief episodes, while Rainy Cocoa is far shorter—its average episode length is under two minutes. Regardless, they both feature charming, attractive men engaging with others in amusing circumstances as they go about their regular lives.

anime series like Tsurezure Children

Tsurezure Children

Tsurezure Children presents a variety of young love scenes. From a lad who is so hampered by his own lack of confidence that he can’t accept that a girl confessed to him to the relationship between the student council president and a rebellious female. You observe their successes and setbacks as six young couples navigate their relationships.

Each twelve-minute episode of both shows is a short form. Both contain a respectable number of characters who are merely having amusing and wholesome slice-of-life moments in those twelve minutes. While Play It Cool, Guys focuses on handling typical unpleasant situations with ease,

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