Does Sanji Have Future Sight in One Piece?

Based on his capacity to occasionally “see into the future” and the details revealed by the new One Piece Vivre Card Databook, Sanji may possess Future Sight in One Piece. The use of Sanji’s highly advanced form of Observation Haki, which is still expected to acquire Future Sight in later One Piece episodes, has not been confirmed, despite this.

Sanji in One Piece

Sanji, often referred to as “Black Leg” and officially known as “Vinsmoke Sanji,” is the cook and third-strongest member of the Straw Hat Pirates crew after Zoro and Luffy. He initially joined the Straw Hat Pirates at the conclusion of the Baratie Arc, making him the group’s fourth member.

Does Sanji Have Future Sight in One Piece?

The ability to predict future events and take advantage of this knowledge is known as future sight. Characters in the One Piece universe can utilize Future Sight to gain an advantage in battle, escape dangerous situations, deflect enemy assaults, and much more. Depending on how this power is used and the character of the user, the possibilities are truly limitless.

Theoretically, Sanji would be the ideal Future Sight user because of his consistently great skills and generally cool-headed demeanor. One Piece fans are not unfamiliar with the notion that Sanji may have developed Future Sight, and many of them have held the opinion that its eventual confirmation or public disclosure is only a matter of time.

Sanji has Advanced Observation Haki

According to Eiichiro Oda, the author of One Piece, Sanji is exceptionally skilled in the power of Observation Haki and specializes in it. This skill is thought to have first appeared during Sanji’s battle with Ivankov, his henchmen, and allies, which took place somewhere during the two-year time gap.

Many fans think that fundamental Advanced Observation Haki abilities can include Precognition, which allows the user to foresee future events, and Sensory, which allows the user to move more freely and experience their basic senses more fully. Sanji’s use of his Observation Haki is demonstrated, among other times, when he rescues Chiffon from the oven on Whole Cake Island and saves Chopper from the queen in Onigashima.

Once the user has achieved its Advanced state, there may be further Observation Haki variations, all of which will allow the user to conduct a variety of time-manipulating functions.

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The majority of One Piece fans think that this Vivre Card simply shows that Sanji is about to achieve Future Sight, or at the very least, that he will eventually manage to do so. Some fans speculate that Sanji’s new Future Sight skill might appear during a fight with Queen or somewhere around the conclusion of the entire One Piece narrative.

Despite this, there are still a number of slivers of proof that suggest Sanji has been utilizing Future Sight for a while. To learn more about whether Sanji already possesses Future Sight (or if Sanji just has some insane Advanced Observation Haki skills),

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