Himeno’s age in Chainsaw Man

Although Himeno’s precise age is never made known in the Chainsaw Man manga or anime series, it is widely believed that she is in her early to mid-20s because she is considered an adult by law. Himeno’s age has been calculated to be between 22 and 25 years old as a result of the assumption that he is a few years older than Aki, who is about 19 years old.

How Old is Himeno in Chainsaw Man?

In the Chainsaw Man manga and anime series, Himeno’s age is never explicitly stated, but fans have utilized a variety of pieces of information to piece together an approximation of her age, or at least a general age range. It is undeniable that Himeno is, in fact, legally considered to be an adult because she frequently engages in ‘adult’ pastimes or vices like drinking and smoking.

Why Didn’t Himeno Want Aki to Use His Sword in Chainsaw Man?

Is Himeno a “Senior” in Chainsaw Man?

Fans of Chainsaw Man have started to wonder more about the label “Senior,” with some speculating that it might mean Himeno is much older than we first thought. It’s more likely, though, that this title has nothing to do with age at all and instead refers to the knowledge, skills, and obligations of an expert devil hunter.

One who is referred to as a “Senior” among devil hunters is typically older than less skilled ones, such as Aki who is also referred to as Denji’s senior. However, the title of a “Senior” is more likely connected to one’s level of devil hunting expertise and experience, with the most seasoned and skilled devil hunters earning the title out of respect.

Why are Chainsaw Man Fans Concerned About Himeno’s Age?

Although Himeno has demonstrated exceptional devil hunting abilities and the capacity to supervise less skilled devil hunters, she can still be rather reckless when the mood strikes. Even though Himeno is considered a young adult, she doesn’t let that stop her from appreciating each day as it comes, especially since she believes she could pass away at any time because of her work as a devil hunter.

Following the horrifying Chainsaw Man “Kiss and Puke” scene, in which Himeno french kisses Denji and ends up puking into his mouth, a lot of Chainsaw Man fans are turning to forums and community threads in quest of answers. However, this was not the end of it as Himeno took Denji back to her apartment and continued to make love approaches; thankfully, the two demon hunters ended up sleeping next to one another.

Beyond the abhorrent nature of the previous night’s events, the entire interaction left Chainsaw Man followers feeling quite uneasy, particularly due to the fact that Denji is 16 years old (which he stated shortly before Himeno kissed him).

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