How Long Do Titan Shifters Live

The Power of the Titans gives a titan shifter only 13 more years to live. As a result, a shifter can only survive for another 13 years after earning their first power, regardless of how many titans or powers they possess. This is due to the fact that Ymir, the Founding Titan, only lived for 13 years.

Do Titan Shifters Live Forever?

Because of their size, strength, and toughness, the titans were widely regarded as the most terrifying monsters in the universe of Attack on Titan. The Eldians have for many years used the titans to their advantage in their conquest of various nations and kingdoms all across the earth. The ability for an Eldian to change into a titan at will and use its strength to annihilate entire armies was the Power of the Titans, which the Eldians dearly cherished. They continued to take advantage of the Power of the Titans even after the Marleyans had defeated the Eldians.

However, even though possessing the Power of the Titans was a great honor for an Eldian

How Long Do Titan Shifters Have Left?

Titan shifters don’t live forever, that much is clear. If they become titan shifters at a young age, they don’t even get to live a typical human lifespan. How much time do titan shifters have left, though?

The tale of a titan shifter’s maximum lifespan originates with Ymir. She held the power of the Founding Titan, which is the titan from which all other titans descended, so she was the first titan. The Eldian king used her powers to subdue various nations and kingdoms in the early days of the Eldian empire until the empire grew steadily larger.

How Long Does Eren Have To Live?

Attack on Titan’s main character Eren Yeager’s father actually transformed him into a titan shifter when he was ten years old. He wasn’t able to recall it because of the trauma he underwent after turning into a mindless titan and devouring his father, who at the time had the abilities of the Attack Titan and the Founding Titan.

Eren did not first manifest the Attack Titan’s ability until he was nearly 15 years old. He claimed that because he became a titan at the age of 10, he only had 8 years left on his timer when he learnt of the 13-year restriction for titan shifters a few months later.

Can Titan Shifters Live Longer Than 13 Years?

There hasn’t yet been a titan shifter who has survived longer than the 13 years that the Curse of Ymir grants them. Even Eren, who possessed the might of the Founding Titan, was unable to discover a way around this restriction. But among other things, Eren planned to wipe the titans off the world since no one could pass this barrier.

He consequently evolved into the antagonist who made it possible for everyone to come together during Attack on Titan’s climactic episodes. Mikasa eliminated the Founding Titan from existence when she finally killed Eren for good. In that sense, the Curse of Ymir and the Power of the Titans,

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