Strongest Vinland Saga Characters

Due to its particular subject, Vinland Saga is a genuinely uncommon phenomenon in the world of anime and manga. Although there have been many historical manga series, some of which have even been influenced by European history, this is the first time we have seen such a thorough look at the lives of the Vikings.


Bjorn served as Askeladd’s assistant and was his most dedicated and obedient follower. Bjorn was a short, stocky man with unruly dark hair that reached his neck. He tied his beard with a rope when it had become somewhat long, giving it the appearance of a goatee. He was donning a nose helmet and a soft robe with chest buckles.

Bjorn is incredibly loyal to Askeladd, who views him as his sole true friend and has appointed him as his second-in-command. When the rest of the band turned against Askeladd, only he and Thorfinn stayed loyal to him. He carries “berserk mushrooms,” which give him superhuman strength and an inability to feel pain.


A Jomsviking commander named Floki. During Sweyn Forkedbeard’s invasion of England, he served as one of the key Viking leaders and continued to do so under Canute. He hired Askeladd to murder his former buddy Thors, making him one of the series’ main antagonists. After killing Sweyn Forkbeard, Floki only briefly participated in combat when he engaged in combat with Askeladd.

He must have enormous fighting skills and power, though, as it is said that only the best and most outstanding Jomsvikings are ever named commanders. He was frequently given very delicate tasks by Sigvaldi and Sweyn, like convincing Thors to reenlist in the Jomsviking army or trying to persuade Thorkell to renounce his allegiance to the English.


The main character of the manga and anime series Vinland Saga is Thorfinn, also known as Karlsefni. He is the son of the renowned Thors, the most well-known Jomsviking warrior until his inexplicable desertion early in the saga, and a former member of Askeladd’s band. Thorfinn has the right to be the chief of the Jomsvikings because his mother, Helga, is the niece of Thorkell and the daughter of the chief Sigvaldi.

Thorfinn was raised on the battlefield, which has given him a great deal of combat experience. He is one of the few Vinland Saga characters that possess the pinnacle of human talents; most other characters fall somewhere in the middle. He is speedier than the ordinary Viking and has improved durability and agility.


Askeladd, also known as Lucius Artorius Castus, was a crafty and enigmatic Viking who led a group of mercenaries known as Askeladd’s band and included Thorfinn. Though he eventually adopted Thorfinn, he is best remembered for having been paid by Floki to kill Thors, Thorfinn’s father.

Askeladd is renowned as a skilled swordsman, but he is also capable of analyzing the situation and coming to the best conclusion. In addition to being cunning, agile, and farsighted, he is also incredibly detail-oriented, both during and after battle. Being a charismatic leader, he commands a lot of respect from both Thorkell and Canute’s subjects as well as the members of his squad.


A Jomsviking named Thorkell, also known as Thorkell the Tall. Thorkell is one of the series’ tallest characters, at 2.3 meters. He is primarily remembered for being the commander of a sizable group of Viking mercenaries who fought for pay under the patronage of King Ethelred II of England. Until he faces Gogus in a duel, he suffers immensely from the lack of a respectable opponent and is in love with combat. He was Freydon’s friend and coworker. He turns to Canute’s side during the English War.

Thorkell is often referred to as the strongest Viking, and with good reason—skalds wrote lyrics about his illustrious fights, about his brutality and respect in them.

Thors Snorresson

Helga’s husband, Thors Snorresson, is the father of Thorfinn and Ylva and a previous leader of the Jomsvikings, earning him the moniker “Troll of Jom.” Even though he was a fierce warrior, after the birth of his daughter, his demeanor underwent a dramatic shift. As a result, he made the decision to desert the Jomsviking and elope to Iceland with his family in order to flee the fighting.

Thors is widely regarded as the best fighter to have appeared in the series, having defeated Askeladd and Thorkell in one-on-one barehanded battle. Even having a full squadron of Jomsvikin soldiers to his credit, Floki did not want to engage in combat with him due to his overwhelming might. He is regarded as a hand-to-hand combat expert.

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