Why Does Himeno Have an Eye Patch in Chainsaw Man

Himeno covers her right eye with an eye patch because she entered into a deal with the Ghost Devil in exchange for it. This pact gives her the ability to control and summon the Ghost Devil’s right arm by imitating movement with her own right arm. This is a straightforward but incredibly helpful talent that has been helpful in many Chainsaw Man confrontations.

Himeno in Chainsaw Man

One of the top Public Safety Devil Hunters in the Chainsaw Man universe, Himeno is presently a member of Makima’s elite devil hunting team with our beloved Chainsaw Man heroes. She is fearless, adventurous, and able to maintain her composure in even the grimmest or most stressful circumstances, which makes her very beneficial for supervising new hires and being given difficult assignments.

She is a key supporting figure in the Chainsaw Man narrative and is well known for having lost her lovers (also known as “buddies”) while pursuing perilous devils. This vivacious character has short black hair, pale skin, and is frequently seen wearing a slim black tie and a straight-cut black suit.

Himeno’s precise age is unknown, however it is generally accepted that she is at least in her 20s and is Aki’s elder by a few years. Her statement that she is relieved Himeno and Denji did not go further than a kiss when she was intoxicated and her explanation that she would have been arrested since Denji is a juvenile serve as further proof that she is legally an adult.

This portion of the flashback may suggest that whatever killed her companion was recent—at the very least, recent enough for her to still be reeling from it. In contrast to the beloved Himeno Chainsaw Man, she is also depicted with longer, shoulder-length hair, which could indicate that she either chopped her hair soon after the incident or that enough time had elapsed since it occurred (long enough to try a new hairstyle, perhaps).

After Aki is introduced as her new partner, the two of them spend time working together on several missions and become closer to the point where Himeno tells Denji outright that she has feelings for Aki. After some time, the two are regarded as senior demon hunters.

Why Does Himeno Wear an Eye Patch in Chainsaw Man?

Himeno’s right eye was required as a sacrifice to the Ghost Devil in exchange for a contract, which is the main reason why she wears an eye patch in Chainsaw Man. Himeno displays her prowess by using her ghost hand to catch an errant demon in mid-air during the Eternity Devil Arc of Chainsaw Man, in which Denji battles the Eternity Devil.

She then gestures to her right eye, which is now protected by a proper eye patch, and claims that she traded utilizing the Ghost Devil’s right arm for her right eye. Himeno notes that because her ghost arm is strong and invisible, it can do a variety of things, as can be seen in the Twitter post by Chainsaw Man EN below.

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